Canale Milva

Atlantidee #3

Con la partecipazione di: Lola & Lola
Curata da: Giada Olivotto & Camilla Paolino
In onda da: inverno 2023


Opening/closing song: ⋆。°✩ Loredana Bertè, “Il mare d’inverno,” 1984 ✩°。⋆

Dear listeners, good evening! Welcome back on CANALE MILVA: the radio-web channel that since the summer of 2020 invites a number of women visual artists to explore the format of the sound exhibition, always taking as a starting point one gem of Italian music selected for you by Giada Olivotto and Camilla Paolino. “Atlantidee,” in this sense, is a bit different from the other columns, because it is not precisely dedicated to a specific Italian song and/or singer, but rather deals with maritime cultures more in general, centering on legends of underwater or underground worlds that invite us to imagine possible alternative ways and forms of life. In other words, this column and the related sound exhibitions are meant to set us wondering on the revolutionary potential of tales and stories that deal with submerged worlds and their legendary inhabitants.

For this third episode of the column “Atlantidee,” we have decided to invite two duos of artists, being ourselves a duo: they are Lola & Lola, composed by artists Zeltia Robin and Emi Curty, and, composed by artists Mélissa Biondo and Loren Tschannen. For the occasion, Lola & Lola and proposed two sound pieces, conceived separately, though in conversation. Lola & Lola composed “Mermaidias,” a sound piece inspired by two performances realized in the past, that is, “The party is never over” and “Aqualolalyptique,” with the Aqualolas as protagonists. The latter are two underwater mutant creatures dwelling within fluid spaces with no limits. Lola & Lola’s sonic experimentations will lead us into an adventure across the abyss, on the trail of the Aqualolas. “Mermaidias” is followed by’s sound piece, meaning “Do you recall.” It consists in a fictional conversation between two bodies of water that question one another about their origins, inviting the listeners to think through possible modes to redefine the idea of embodiment. To this end, the speculations of the two bodies of water also integrate the perspective of a newborn A.I.

Let us listen to the sound piece “Mermaidias,” composed for us by Lola & Lola, with music by Yonaguni – Bad Bunny Stygiomedusa Gigantea – Deepsea Oddities Quiero Bailar – Ivy Queen (DJ Linda) Saoco grandpa – Rosalia AAAEFXX – Safety TranceMala – 6ix9in, Annual AA (DJ Alex). Heartfelt thanks to all for the participation. Get your headphones on and enjoy your listening!

⋆。°✩ Lola & Lola, “Mermaidias,” 15m56s ✩°。⋆

We have just listened to “Mermaidias” by Lola & Lola, whom we thank for the fabulous contribution. And now we leave you to “Do You Recall,” by Enjoy your listening!

⋆。°✩, “Do You Recall,” 15m2s ✩°。⋆

We have just listened to “Do You Recall” by, whom we thank, together with Lola & Lola and all the people who made possible the production of this sound exhibition!

We would also like to thank, as always, Lumpen Station, as well as the Magica Opalini association, Pro Helvetia, the Temperatio Foundation, and the Swisslos Fund of Canton Ticino, for their precious support. Thank you, everyone, for listening! We leave you to the notes of “Il mare d’inverno” by the great Loredana Berté and look forward to the next episode. Stay tuned on CANALE MILVA!

Opening/closing song: ⋆。°✩ Loredana Bertè, “Il mare d’inverno,” 1984 ✩°。⋆