Canale Milva

Atlantidee #1

Con la partecipazione di: Alessandra Carosi Ghalas Charara Giulia Dussollier Magali Dougoud Ranti Bam
Curata da: Giada Olivotto & Camilla Paolino
In onda da: autunno 2021


Opening song: ⋆。°✩ Loredana Bertè, “In alto mare,” 1980 ✩°。⋆

Dear listeners, welcome back to CANALE MILVA: the web radio channel that has been exploring the format of sound exposure since summer 2020, starting with some Italian music goodies selected for you by Giada Olivotto and Camilla Paolino and re-interpreted by visual artists invited by episode and column. Today we broadcast from the spaces of PALAZZINA, an artist-run space located at 60 Alemannengasse in Basel. Here at PALAZZINA we are opening, right now, the exhibition “From Submersion to Subversion,” of which this episode of CANALE MILVA is an integral part.

For this special episode of CANALE MILVA, we invited the artist Magali Dougoud to produce a sound piece that fits into the context of the exhibition that Giada and I proposed at PALAZZINA and that takes as its starting point the binomial submergence/subversion, reflecting on the revolutionary potential contained in tales that deal with submerged worlds and their legendary inhabitants. In response to our invitation, Magali has proposed “Le Nostre Divenire Atlante,” a sound piece populated with voices and sounds echoing and rising from the abyss, emerging from dark and deep, ancient and hidden places of possibility.

So let’s listen to “Le Nostre Divenire Atlante,” with its mythological, hybrid and mutant characters, and featuring the voices of Alessandra Carosi, Giulia Dussollier, Ghalas Charara and Ranti Bam, translated where necessary by Giulia Ferro and set to the rhythm of music by Chaos Angel, Diane Barbé, Julie Magnenat and Sirenessa. Enjoy listening! 

⋆。°✩ Magali Dougoud, “Le Nostre Divenire Atlante” ✩°。⋆

We therefore thank the artist Magali Dougoud and the people who lent their voices to “Le Nostre Divenire Atlante.” Once again: so thanks to Alessandra Carosi, Giulia Dussollier, Ghalas Charara and Ranti Bam; and thanks to Giulia Ferro who took care of the translations. Thanks also to Chaos Angel, Diane Barbé, Julie Magnenat and Sirenessa for the music.

We would also like to thank the artist-run space PALAZZINA and, as always, Lumpen Station for their hospitality, as well as the Magica Opalini association, Pro Helvetia, Pro Litteris and FSRC for generously supporting our sound project. For more information about Magali’s work that we heard today and for references and other materials, please see CANALE MILVA. Thank you, all and sundry, for following along, we leave you to Mina’s “Mille bolle blu” and look forward to the next episode!

Closing song: ⋆。°✩ Mina, “Mille bolle blu,” 1961 ✩°。⋆