Canale Milva

Alla mattina appena alzata #4

Con la partecipazione di: Lara Dâmaso
Curata da: Giada Olivotto & Camilla Paolino
In onda da: inverno 2021


Opening song: ⋆。°✩ Mina, “Nel blu dipinto di blu” (orig. Domenico Modugno, 1956) ✩°。⋆

Dear listeners, welcome back to CANALE MILVA: the web radio channel that from summer 2020 explores the format of sound exposure. This starts with some goodies of Italian music selected for you by Giada Olivotto and Camilla Paolino. These songs are re-interpreted episode after episode and column after column by visual artists invited to participate in this shared reflection. Today, we are broadcasting this new episode of our column “Alla Mattina appena alzata” dedicated to the artist Lara Dâmaso. Dear listeners, welcome to CANALE MILVA on air from Rome and Geneva!

Today, on CANALE MILVA, we present a special episode for which we have invited artist Lara Dâmaso to produce a sound piece that integrates into the column “Alla mattina appena alzata” in a rather peculiar way. In fact, Lara’s work declines the Bella Ciao sung by the Piedmontese rice-workers – and then reinterpreted in 1971 by Milva on Canzonissima – not so much in terms of a protest song dedicated to women’s work in the rice fields as it is, but rather focusing on the moment of awakening evoked by the very first verse of the song – which gives the title to the column itself. Placing itself in continuity with the contributions of artists such as Vera di Maus or Nicole Colombo, whom we have had the pleasure of listening to on CANALE MILVA in recent months, the piece develops like a sound collage composed on the edge of the unconscious, where the artist’s voice sews together fragments of songs that speak of dreams and stories of her own dreams recorded just after waking up. 

As mentioned by Camilla, today we are going to listen together to the sound piece “Some of my dreams, songs titled dream” by Lara Dâmaso. The plot carefully embroidered by the artist gives us the opportunity to peek at her artistic practice, a work that focuses mainly on performance, on dance and therefore focuses on the expressive and political potential of the body. A potential that is often declined in the use and underestimated the strength of the voice. The rhythm of “Some of my dreams, songs titled dream” is that of a cross-stitch from which embroideries of whispered voices open up. Hypnotic and murmured, this sound piece by Lara Dâmaso transports us into an intimate world where statements, dreams, recordings of songs, and conversations appear. It reminds us of a shared diary form as if the artist has decided to share with us her sound diary. A bit like in that outdated TV show that was Felicity, where the protagonist of the same name dedicates part of her day to her recorder, noting day after day on tape her experiences. From track to track, we leave you now to the sounds, noises, and notes detailed by Lara Dâmaso. Enjoy listening!

⋆。°✩ Lara Dâmaso, “Some of my dreams, songs titled dream,” 56m44s ✩°。⋆

We would like to thank Lara Dâmaso for deciding to be a part of our new episode of “Alla mattina appena alzata” and for sharing her work with us. As always, we would like to thank Lumpen Station for their hospitality and collaboration, as well as the Magica Opalini association, Pro Helvetia, Pro Litteris, FSRC, and SwissPerform for their support of our sound space. 

For more information about some of my dreams, songs titled dream, the work of Lara Damaso that we listened to today, and for references and various materials, please visit MILVA CHANNEL. Thanks to all of you for following us, we look forward to the next episode!

Closing song: ⋆。°✩ Mina, “Nel blu dipinto di blu” (orig. Domenico Modugno, 1956) ✩°。⋆